Local Boat and Calligraphy experience

Want to enjoy more unique tours in Gifu? There are a bunch of interesting spots in Gifu Kagashima area. In this tour, we can guide in English and satisfies your special interests.

First, let's go to the port of local boat to Kagashima Kobo(temple), In Kagashima Kobo, we will try calligraphy copy experience.(Making a handwritten copy of a sutra.)

There is a Japanese quaint café called “Minato coffee”. We are going to go there, and take a lunch break.

Let's discover and enjoy the local aspects of Gifu together!!

”Meetravel” Gifu English Guide

We host local guided tours in Gifu for foreign tourists. Our aim is to connect with the local people and to see Gifu City through a local’s eyes.Enjoy the city like a local!


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